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Kansas family's dog went missing eight years ago. It just turned up in Idaho

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WICHITA, Kan. — Nicolle Leon left for work one morning in 2015. When she returned to her Wichita home later that day, the family’s dog, a beagle named Roscoe, was gone.

“He went missing,” Leon said. “We looked everywhere for him.”

Roscoe was a year old when he went missing. The family searched for him, with Leon calling the shelter daily for months. She didn’t understand how he could have gotten out of the fenced yard.

“There was no sign of the gate being open, you know, and no holes that were dug up,” Leon said.

For the next eight years, the family went on without knowing what had happened to their beloved dog.

Then Leon got a phone call just before midnight on Jan. 11.


She was out of town on a work trip in Texas and woke up to news that Roscoe had been found, 1400 miles away.

“They said hey, ‘We found your dog, ‘ “ Leon said. “My first thought was that one of my dogs that I have now had gotten out.”

Leon did not recognize the address the person had given her. The caller later said the address was in Caldwell, Idaho, which is roughly about 1,400 miles away from Wichita.

Leon dismissed the idea that the dog was hers until she asked for a description.


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