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Budgeting for a pet: The AKC offers tips on saving money and budgeting

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Approximately 40% of households in America own dogs. The amount of money we spend on our pets has also significantly increased over recent years; it’s more than just the purchase price of your pet. Investing in quality food, toys, games, proper grooming and good veterinary care are worth the cost; your dog will be happier and healthier.

But it’s important to be prepared for the cost of pet ownership.

The American Kennel Club promotes finding the right dog for you as a “good match,” which means getting a dog that is well-suited to you and your family’s lifestyle. This will offer the best chances of long-term happiness and success. The AKC offers these tips on budgeting for a pet:

Reputable Breeders are Worth the Cost

Finding the right dog from a reputable breeder may seem costly at first, but it is worth every penny. Breeders invest a great deal of time and effort to choose quality individuals to be the sire and dame of the litter. When looking at a particular breed, it’s important to investigate if they are prone to any potential health concerns; sites like the Orthopedic Foundation can help you do that.

It’s good to ask the prospective seller or breeder if the parents have been screened for these conditions so that you’re aware of the risk. You can also ask for documentation to be shown for these screenings.


Vet Visits

It’s important to consider your dog’s age, overall health and where you live when budgeting for your annual vet costs. Even within cities, the prices of vet care can vary, so it’s important to look around and do your research. Routine or initial examinations can range from $50 to $150, and emergency veterinarian visits can be even more.

Most people are often shocked at the cost of a pet emergency. The issue with emergencies is that they are not planned; it’s never if something will go wrong, but when. One in three pets need emergency care each year, and the average emergency vet visits cost between $800-$1500.

To get the best veterinary cost estimates for your dog, do your research on practices in your area. You can request rates over the phone or search online.


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