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Kitten rescued from commuter train tracks in New York


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(UPI) Passengers on a New York commuter train were temporarily delayed when employees ventured out onto the tracks to rescue a wayward kitten.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the engineer on the 9:40 a.m. train from North White Plains to Grand Central Terminal on the Metro-North Harlem Line reported a kitten on the tracks at the Fordham station in the Bronx.

Rescuers from Long Island Cat Kitten Solution were summoned by a pair of witnesses who heard the kitten mewing from the tracks.

John DeBacker, vice president of the rescue group, said a group of MTA officers were able to cut power to the Metro-North line, temporarily halting train activity and allowing the officers to venture out onto the tracks to retrieve the tiny feline.


The MTA said train service was only interrupted for about 10 minutes.

The kitten was taken to Last Hope Inc. Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation.

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