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Eva, the California dog that saved its owner from mountain lion attack, dies unexpectedly

Ryan Sabalow, The Sacramento Bee on

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Eva, the dog credited for saving her owner’s life after she was attacked last month by a mountain lion in rural Northern California, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning.

In a brief interview by phone, Eva’s owner, Erin Wilson, said Eva, a 2 1/2-year-old Belgian Malinois, started getting wobbly and having seizures over the weekend at their home in Trinity County.

Wilson was told Eva needed special emergency care after rushing her to a Redding veterinarian.

Wilson took her to the animal hospital at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. There, Eva’s condition deteriorated to the point her veterinarians attempted to put her on a ventilator Wednesday morning.

“She just never woke up,” Wilson told The Sacramento Bee as she started to sob. “She never woke up.”

Wilson said she and her fiance, Connor Kenny, were taking the dog’s body to Sacramento Wednesday morning.


“We’re bringing her to Connor’s parents to bury her in the yard,” Wilson said. “Because she really loved it there.”

Wilson sent a follow-up text message a few hours later.

“She’s resting in the dirt, looking over the pool she loved to play in,” she said. “She’s at peace. She won’t ever have to fight again.”

Eva’s sudden death came as a shock since she appeared to be doing so well after her May 16 battle with a mountain lion — a documented attack that became an international news story.


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