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Missing New Hampshire serval found, back at home


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(UPI) A pet serval that went missing in New Hampshire this week has been found and returned to its owners, police said Saturday.

On Wednesday the Merrimack Police Department alerted the public that a 40-pound serval named Spartacus had gone missing from his home.

Police Capt. Matthew Tarleton told the Boston Globe that Dean King, Spartacus' owner, saw the cat around town Friday night and Saturday morning, and eventually trapped the cat near his home.

King said he baited the trap with Spartacus' blanket "and some irresistible rats."


The cat is in good health, police said.

Servals are wild cats native to Africa. According to police, Spartacus' owners have a permit through the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department to keep the animal.

Spartcaus' owners updated their Facebook accounts to confirm the cat's return. A Saturday afternoon update on an Instagram account called @spartacustheserval included an account of the event from the cat's point of view.

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