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Missing dog turns up two years later, 136 miles from home


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(UPI) An Australian dog who went missing when a storm damaged a fence was found two years later while wandering 136 miles from home with a pair of new puppies.

Graham Lee of Nowra, New South Wales, told Bega Valley Shire Council officials three of his four huskies went missing two years ago when a storm took down a fence at his home.

Lee said two of the dogs were soon recovered thanks to their microchips, but one husky, Indie, remained elusive.

"Initially I thought she would turn up, like the others did. I kept going to the pound, but after a few weeks of no word, I thought she must have been hit by a car," he said.

There was no sign of Indie until two years later, when a resident in Bermagui, 136 miles away, found the dog wandering loose with her two young puppies.

The resident alerted the Bega Valley Shire Council, and a council ranger rounded up the canines.

The council scanned Indie for a microchip and called Lee, who said he was shocked to hear news of the husky after so much time.


"When I first got the call I was like, 'What?' I'd almost forgotten about her," Lee said.

He said Indie is settling in well back at home.

"It's great she's back home. I think if you get one dog you should have another so at least they have each other to talk to and play with," he said. She's happy but not quite herself. She roams to the fence, has a bit of a sulk, then is happy enough running around.

Indie's puppies are being rehomed through the Animal Welfare League, the council said.

Officials said they are baffled as to how Indie ended up so far away from home.

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