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This adventurous Minnesota duck is now a viral internet sensation

Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune (Minneapolis) on

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He's very playful. He was raised with dogs, so he'll jump in and play with the dogs.

He tries to nibble everything. He'll nibble on zippers.

He'll quack when I come home. When we open the door, he'll quack from wherever he is in the house.

Q: Do you let him be free in your house all day?

A: In the evenings. Right now, we made a shed into a duck mansion, and I feed him on a schedule. He's a very messy eater and he's not going to do that anywhere near my house. By the time I get home, I go get him, let him take a bath, and then he's all pooped out by that point. I put his duck diaper on him and he roams free.

Q: How did he wind up on Instagram?


A: To be completely honest, it started as a way to kind of make fun of Instagram. Obviously he's adorable. But he had this one picture where he's walking away and he looked back, like an Instagram model, very provocative. While we were sitting there, my friend made a fake account with that one picture. We had four followers. Then I posted a picture of me on my motorcycle with him and it blew up. And one thing led to another. (Johnson's friend still manages the account.)

I don't really do much social media. I'm not hip like that. I didn't even have an Instagram account until my friend made this one. I wanted to see what the rest of the world is seeing with my duck. I don't even know how to work it.

Q: Why is he called 'Minnesota Duck'?

A: The original name was Sir Quacksalot. As he started getting more popular, we were trying to figure out what represents what he does. Pretty much, he's a duck that goes on adventures in Minnesota. It's all local, homegrown stuff.


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