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Feline drug smuggler captured by guards at Russian prison


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(UPI) Authorities in Russia said guards at a prison intercepted a cat that was apparently being used in an attempt to smuggle drugs into the facility.

The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia said guards at the IK-10 UFSIN prison in Tararstan spotted a cat on prison grounds and captured the feline.

The cat's collar was found to have an attached package of suspected narcotics, believed to be hashish.


The drugs and the cat were turned over to local police.

Investigators said a similar attempt was foiled in 2010 when a cat was used in an attempt to smuggle heroin into the prison. Guards intercepted the cat, which turned out to belong to one of the prisoners. The prisoner's family was accused of releasing the cat with the drugs near the prison in an attempt to have the animal locate its owner and deliver the drugs.

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