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Veterinarian claims Colorado dogs getting high from eating human poop


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(UPI) A Colorado veterinarian said dogs in the Aspen area are being brought in with marijuana toxicity after getting high from eating human poop at trails and campgrounds.

Dr. Scott Dolginow, owner of Valley Emergency Pet Care in Basalt, said between three and 10 dogs are brought in each week with marijuana toxicity, and 70 to 80 percent of the dog owners said they do not know where the pets found cannabis.

"But they say they were out on a trail or camping," Dolginow told The Aspen Times. I can't believe that the owners are lying.

He said the canines could be getting their highs from eating human poop tainted with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The veterinarian said the human feces can contain enough of the chemical to get a dog high.

"Most dogs will eat human feces given the opportunity," Dolginow said.


Dolginow said he has personally seen human feces abandoned next to trails on multiple occasions at Hunter Creek.

Marijuana toxicity in dogs has been on the rise since states began legalizing recreational use of the plant, with the Pet Poison Helpline reporting a 448 percent increase in cases over the past six years.

Veterinarians said dogs suffering from the condition typically suffer nausea and disorientation. Dolginow said the treatment is typically to keep the dog calm and hydrated until the THC naturally passes through the canine's system.

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