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Mountain lion caught on camera looking through Wisconsin window


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(UPI) A Wisconsin resident's security camera captured the moment a wandering mountain lion walked up to their home and looked in through a window.

The video, recorded by a home security camera in Brookfield, shows the cougar walk up to the house and rest its front paws on the window ledge while peering into the home.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources confirmed a mountain lion sighing was recorded Saturday in Brookfield, and the city's police department said officers responded on that day to a report of the big cat sitting under a tree in a resident's back yard.

Police and DNR agents said the cougar appeared passive, but they were unable to capture or kill it due to the proximity of homes and thick brush.

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Local residents were informed of the cougar's presence and DNR officers arrived the following day to try to capture the animal, but it left the area in a southeasterly direction and investigators lost the trail.

Officials estimated the cougar was about 1 1/2 years old and weighed about 50 pounds.

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