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Debra-Lynn B. Hook: Stuck inside, who's hating Facebook now?

Debra-Lynn B. Hook, Tribune News Service on

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But for those who love Facebook, they really, really love it now.

Masters in the the art of scrolling past the vitriol, not averse to unfriending and unfollowing, Facebook aficionados have found a way to make their experience their own -- a cornucopia of soothing pictures, fact-based information, and solid connection with others at a time when we need each other more than ever.

"Today was a good day," I posted one day last week. "I raked leaves from the back of the garden, got my heart rate up and felt the sun on my face. My sons did restorative yoga with me in the living room. I texted with my daughter and two of my three sisters. I brushed my teeth."

The next day: "I am a sloth from Slothville," I wrote. "I ate an illegal amount of chocolate. My friend and I had a thing we had to work through. My dishwasher backed up. The drain in basement backed up. There were messes everywhere, including me."

Both times, most notably when I was a slug, Facebook reminded I am not alone.

"Mama said there will be days like this," said one friend.

"Right there with you," said another.

"I got you!" wrote one friend I only know from Facebook.


Facebook can be addictive, say some, a rabbit hole when there may be better things to do.

Meanwhile, for millions of people around the globe, like a good neighbor (used to be), Facebook is there.

Says my friend Allison, holed up in Columbia, S.C., with her husband: "How else would I play Word Blitz? Over and over and over again."

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