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It's Not Just You

Lenore Skenazy on

It is hard to stay sane in this crazy world! Luckily, many of the conditions plaguing Americans today are mild and temporary. Including:

Hairanoia: The suspicion that everybody is just saying they love your new haircut.

Kinsomnia: The inability to fall asleep once one starts thinking about one's family.

Rexhibitionism: Childhood compulsion to show dinosaur figurines to everyone, even strangers on the street.

Seasonings affective disorder: Manifested by the need to glop Sriracha on things that taste just fine the way they are.

Dementionate: Compulsively nice behavior -- the lending of money, sharing of fries, remembering of birthdays -- sparking waves of unworthiness on the part of the recipient.


Socialism Anxiety: Inability to converse with anyone who voted for Bernie Sanders.

Hippochondria: The conviction that one's hips look about a mile wide in the outfit one idiotically chose to wear today.

Angoraphobia: The fear of being way too hot in a sweater.

Delusions of Grandes: Compulsive fantasizing about one's next Starbucks, even while sipping a Frappuccino right now.


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