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Answer Angel: Kick this fad to the curb

Ellen Warren, Tribune News Service on

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What is your take on these boots and loafers that have big, thick rubber soles? Like two or three inches high? My social media is crawling with photos of stars and “influencers” wearing this footwear. Really?

--Jenny K.

Dear Jenny: Yes, really! They’re popular. No doubt. But, are they flattering? No. Every time I see a woman in this footwear all I can think of is Frankenstein’s monster lurching along. Not my idea of a high-fashion moment. Also, they look like a broken ankle just waiting to happen when you fall off your shoes. The same goes for those high platform shoes that are reappearing on runways. I’m not a fan. They look awkward, uncomfortable and not worth the investment.

And another shoe question…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What are almond-toe shoes?

--Olivia R.


Dear Olivia: They’re an old style with a new name, likely dreamed up by fashion editors on a slow day. The origin, of course, is the shape of the narrow end of an almond. Nutty, huh? One definition is an elongated round toe on just about any shoe. Elongated pointy toes also are sometimes referred to in this way.

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