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Arianne Cohen: How to quit your job flawlessly

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My boss doesn’t like me. Can I text or email?

Nope. “In almost all cases, bosses and organizations respond more poorly to resigning over text or email than face to face — it makes you look avoidant, and doesn’t seem very respectful,” Klotz says. Your tone can also so easily be misconstrued.

What should I say to my boss?

Not much. “She'll want to know where you’re going, and so tell her, but not lots of detail about it,” Klotz says. Conversations about your next steps can happen later. Express gratitude for the organization, coworkers and your boss, as appropriate. Think brief.

Anything I should be prepared for in the conversation?

Yep, four things:


1. Names of who you’d like to tell face-to-face. You can ask your boss to please wait a day or two to announce the news, so you can tell a few people personally. Your boss doesn’t need to honor this, but might. If you’ve already told people, be honest about that with your boss, who still needs to manage the team.

2. Transfer of duties. Have a proposal in mind.

3. Your response to a counter-offer. Think ahead in case your boss says, “What can we do to keep you here?” or “I’d like to raise your salary by $X.”

4. Mild trauma. If you’re decamping for a competitor, be prepared to be asked to clean out your desk immediately, and have security escort you out. “You have access to information that they no longer want you to have,” Klotz says.


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