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Everyday Cheapskate: Readers Share How They Save Time and Money Every Day

Mary Hunt on

My readers have no doubt that I am a big fan of finding every possible way to save time and money. And when they take time to send me their latest ideas and efforts, it pretty much makes my day! Check these out:


In an ongoing effort to educate my 12-year-old I have started a new tracking system. On a large white board I have a tally of income, expenses, and bills to be paid. I start off with my gross income, subtract taxes and insurance (boy, was that an eye opener for him -- about 25% of my gross), 10% gross tithe, 10% gross savings, then a list of bills. Each time we spend money, my son writes it down. He also keeps track of his allowance on the white board. He's in the process of saving money for video gaming equipment and decided he could live without fireworks this past summer. He said his money would go up in smoke ... no pun intended! -- Pam, email


When on vacation, check out thrift stores in the towns where you're staying. Look for clothing pieces in particular. When I travel to New England, I find great summer stuff that's scarcely worn. The items are very inexpensive due (my guess) to the short summer season. The opposite is true in Florida, where I saw wonderful winter shoes, boots, coats, sweaters, etc. Winter wear in Florida had been donated even though the items were brand new. Not much need for winter clothes there. In both New England and Florida the cost of these items were so cheap. -- Debbie, Tennessee



I've discovered yet another great way to reuse dryer sheets. After I've used the same sheet for a couple of loads I attach it to the bottom of my Swiffer. It works just as well as the dry Swiffer sheets. -- Jacquie, Iowa


I am a retired optician who had to wear white lab coats my entire career. They were always getting dirty, especially with ink. I discovered that by soaking them overnight in the washing machine in just enough water to cover them and a large scoop of dishwashing detergent, and then completing the washing cycle the next day, my coats came out clean. -- Bob, email



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