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Everyday Cheapskate: Copycat Dawn Platinum Powerwash Spray Recipe OR How to Make the Ultimate Dish Cleaner

Mary Hunt on

It was February 2020 when Procter and Gamble introduced a new product to the homecare market, Dawn Platinum Powerwash Spray. "It's magical, better than anything we've ever come up with! Dishes almost clean themselves!" they said. I scoffed. And then millions of social media comments, reviews and videos have proven me wrong. Given that kind of data, we might conclude that Dawn Platinum Powerwash has taken America's kitchens by storm.

I'm noticing a trending topic in my email inbox. Dawn Powerwash is amazing, and I love it, but it's too expensive! I go through the stuff like it's water! I really need a copycat recipe so I can make it myself. Come on, Mary, you can do it! And with that, I went right to work.

After a good deal of testing, sniffing, researching, questioning and snooping, here it is -- a copycat recipe for Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray together with several variations that could easily make your version even better.

You'll need:

-- Blue Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

-- 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol


-- distilled water

-- a clean, empty Dawn Powerwash spray bottle OR any 16 oz. or larger spray bottle

-- measuring spoon



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