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Everyday Cheapskate: Best Inexpensive Home Dehumidifiers and How to Choose

Mary Hunt on

Humidity, or the lack thereof, is always a popular topic. Where I live in northern Colorado, it's dry! We have no humidity. Well, not exactly, but it averages in the low- to mid-20% during the summer and fall months. We have a humidifier in our home, and it runs 24/7 year-round for health and comfort.

Recently, lots of readers have inquired about how to deal with the opposite: high humidity, which can get pretty miserable.


Think of a dehumidifier as a vacuum that sucks the air from a room, removing the moisture and blowing dry air back into the room. The condensation drips into a collection tank inside the machine that must be emptied from time to time.

Many people find that a dehumidifier works together with the air conditioning system to keep rooms comfortable even on the hottest, most humid days. Others rely on a dehumidifier in place of an air conditioner.

Dehumidifiers come in a variety of sizes, typically rated according to how many square feet they can dehumidify and how many pints of water they can produce in a day. Most home dehumidifiers are controlled by thermostats and humidity sensors so you can make the room as hot and dry as you wish.




High humidity is just plain uncomfortable. It's that hot, sticky feeling you just can't shake.



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