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Everyday Cheapskate: Once You Use This DIY Glass and Mirror Cleaner, You Will Never Look Back

Mary Hunt on

I love simple DIY household cleaners, not only because they're so much cheaper than their commercial cousins but because they work better. I'm certain that over the years I've tried hundreds of recipes and formulas. Let's just say that some work well; others, not so much.

Recently, I've been researching and testing the wonders of cornstarch to do more than thicken gravy and pudding. It turns out cornstarch is super useful around the house, not only in the kitchen.

In fact, cornstarch is the key ingredient in a homemade concoction I've come across that cleans glass and mirrors better than any glass cleaner I have ever used. It is so amazing that it is nearly magical.

This homemade cleaning solution I'm sharing with you today has even picked up its own unique name while making its way around the internet sites and Facebook groups that adds a fun factor. One thing is for sure: I'll never go back to any other glass cleaner -- commercial or homemade. It's that good.

Meet Alvin Corn, a homemade multipurpose glass and mirror cleaner named for its simple ingredients: alcohol, vinegar and cornstarch.

The vinegar helps cut through dirt and grime on mirrors and glass. The cornstarch acts as a very soft scrubbing agent that dissolves those tricky dried-on bits on bathroom mirrors without leaving any residue. And the alcohol helps the whole concoction to evaporate quickly for a streak-free, squeaky clean, sparkling shine.



1/4 cup rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 tablespoon cornstarch


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