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Everyday Cheapskate: 9 Ways to Cut Pet Care Costs

Mary Hunt on

As I write, a big, beautiful, brindle English bulldog is underfoot, sleeping soundly as bulldogs do. While I cannot claim ownership, Newcastle ("Newkie" to his family) visits often. He's my granddog, and he's as precious as they come. So, while I don't technically have any pets, you can be sure that I am always on the lookout for tips, tricks and ideas to keep down the cost of pet care:


I donate my used sheets, towels and blankets to the local animal shelter. A towel for a small dog or cat will make a warm, soft place to curl up. My mother is handy with a sewing machine, so we both look for towels and bedding at yard sales. We take large blankets and create soft, warm pads for up to four animals out of them. -- Cindy


If your cat prefers the furniture to his scratching post, try placing carpet samples throughout the house. For some reason, many cats prefer them. -- Sue



I am a devoted coupon clipper. Whenever I see pet food coupons offering free or very cheap cans or bags of food, I purchase these items and donate them to our local animal shelter. I feel good about helping homeless animals without putting a strain on my budget. -- Kim H.


I buy dog food at the local feed store because I like the product they sell. I recently found out that they do pet vaccinations more affordably than my vet. The only vaccination the feed store cannot do is rabies. I recommend checking with pet and feed stores the next time you are shopping for a good price on animal vaccinations. -- Michelle



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