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Everyday Cheapskate: Credit Card Debt and How to Get Rid of It Forever

Mary Hunt on


Stop using the credit cards, cold turkey. Don't close the accounts; just cut up the cards, or hand them off to a trusted friend -- whatever it takes so you cannot use them.


Crash-save, starting today. No amount is too small to save. Liquidate stuff you don't need to grow your savings faster. Work extra if you can. Become obsessed with saving money. Do not feel guilty that you are saving when you have so much debt. This is the only way you will ever get out for good.


Pay only the minimum monthly payment required on each of these accounts.



Line up your debts from small to large. When that smallest debt reaches $0, take its payment and add it to the next debt in line while continuing to pay the minimum payments on the others.

This is a condensed version of my Rapid Debt-Repayment Plan, the subject of chapter seven in my book, "Debt-Proof Living." It is exactly the way that I repaid more than $100,000 in credit card debt some years ago! Watch your mailbox. I am sending you a copy with my compliments.


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