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Everyday Cheapskate: 10,000 Useful Tips To Save Time and Money ... and Counting!

Mary Hunt on

Today, I have a bunch of tips for you. These are quick, wonderful ways to save time and money every day. I'm crazy about tips. Actually, I collect them, test them, sort them, categorize them, file them and then turn around and share them with friends like you.

You might find yourself asking, "But, Mary, will any one of these ideas really save me any money?" Probably not very much if you consider only one tip, but with many tips applied over a period of time (don't worry; you'll be getting plenty of tips in this column), you will see some serious cumulative savings.


Use a no-tears baby shampoo to remove eye makeup. Ophthalmologists encourage contact lens wearers to do this to reduce protein buildup on their lenses. It works great (no stinging because it is, after all, no tears), and it's cheap!


If you make friends with the managers of your favorite small boutiques and independent stores, you might be able to tap into a gold mine. Ask if their "debits" or used merchandise are available for sale. These are the items that have been returned for one reason or another (button fell off, customer wore it once and reattached the tags thinking they fooled the store or, for some other reason, the customer wasn't happy and the retailer felt obligated to take it back and make a refund). These items cannot be put back on the floor or returned to the manufacturer. Typically, these items are sold for pennies on the dollar.



What a fabulous place the library is. There you and your kids will find current newspapers, magazines, children's books, adult books, videos, CDs, CD players and wonderful storytellers. You get to take home something new, and it doesn't cost anything. If you like to shop for fun, satisfy the impulse by visiting a library. Bonus tip: Some libraries have added cake pans in the shape of characters. You can check them out to make your kids' birthday cakes in the same way you borrow books.


Don't drink sodas together with calcium-rich foods or supplements. If your soft drink contains phosphoric acid (and most do), it will block absorption of calcium into the blood stream.


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