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Everyday Cheapskate: Smart Saving Tastes Like Chicken

Mary Hunt on

With the price of beef skyrocketing, chicken is becoming the backbone of the frugal kitchen. And why not? Chicken is much less expensive than beef or pork and useful down to the bones.


Chicken is always on sale somewhere. If you don't want to store-hop, you can always find some cut of meat, fish or poultry on sale in your favorite market. Eat what's on sale, and if it's a loss leader (priced dirt-cheap to entice people through the door), stock up for the coming weeks.


The most frugal way to use chickens is to buy them whole and cut them up yourself. Not only will you save money, but the chicken tastes much better when cooked with the skin and bones. A whole, organic bird usually costs less per pound than precut, skinned and boned parts. It is not difficult to cut up a chicken once you understand the simple steps.



Whether you buy a whole, raw chicken or a rotisserie chicken from the deli counter, you are looking at three meals from that one bird.

Dinner No. 1: Roast chicken (more to come on this in a bit).

Dinner No. 2: Chicken pot pie, chicken sandwiches, chicken stir-fry, chicken burritos or chicken salad using the meat you removed from the carcass following Dinner No. 1.

Dinner No. 3: Chicken soup made from the carcass of the bird.


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