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Everyday Cheapskate: The Costly Mistakes You Make with Your Choice of Shampoo

Mary Hunt on

--TEA lauryl sulfate -- gentle, good choice

--TEA laureth sulfate -- gentle, also a good choice.


Many in the Herbal Essences and Suave lineup -- found in most supermarkets and drug stores and online -- contain the gentle option sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). But don't assume. Read the labels.

With the money you save on the shampoo, buy a quality conditioner. Unlike shampoo that washes down the drain, the quality of conditioner does make a difference!


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When purchasing shampoo, consider just two things: price and type of detergent.

Interestingly, the rinse-and-repeat instruction you will read on every shampoo bottle goes back to a marketing campaign one manufacturer created to increase sales. It does that all right, and you can make your shampoo last twice as long if you skip "repeat."

Rinse thoroughly. If your hair turns out dull and lackluster, the problem may be inadequate rinsing. Tip: Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar through your hair during the rinse process. This will remove all traces of the shampoo and leave your hair sleek and shiny.

If you clip shampoo coupons and match them with shampoo sales in your grocery store, you may never pay more than a dollar or two for shampoo again!

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