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Everyday Cheapskate: How to Nail Your Money

Mary Hunt on

I believe I've found a very effective way to nail our money, a method that keeps money safe and available but nearly impossible to spend.

Picture this: five $100 bills nailed to a board by means of a pneumatic "staple" driven through a pin and right through the currency so solidly there appears to be no way to free that money without a good deal of effort.

This is my Christmas gift from my husband. He's a smart guy. Don't you think? It's January, and I have made a list of at least a dozen things I'd like to buy with my gift. But for some unknown reason, I just cannot bring myself to find a crowbar to release the dough.

The wood block as well as the "pin" are mahogany, a very hard wood. That is a 1-inch staple that's been driven through the pin, through the cash and into the 2-inch-thick block of wood at the bottom. Trust me -- those bills are not going to release themselves anytime soon.

And so, my gift sits on my desk, where I look at it every day. I am free to spend it anytime I want. And for some strange reason, I can't bring myself to do it.


I think we're on to something here.


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