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Eric's Autos: 2023 Nissan Leaf

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There are now lots of electric vehicles on the market, but only two of them can be characterized as affordable alternatives to nonelectric cars.

One of those two being Nissan's Leaf.

It doesn't go as far as other EVs, and it's not nearly as quick, an EV selling point. But the fact that it's a car within the means of people who cannot afford a luxury-priced car is a selling point all its own.

What It Is

The Leaf is Nissan's entry-level electric car and one of only two such on the market right now deserving of that designation, the other being Chevy's Bolt.

Both sticker for about $15,000 less than the next-least expensive EVs, models like the Hyundai Kona, and about $20,000 less than EVs like the Tesla Model 3, which start at well over $40,000.


The Leaf S stickers for $28,040 to start. The catch is that's with the standard battery that gives you just 149 miles of best-case range on a full charge. If you want more range, it'll cost you $36,040 for the SV plus, which has a best-case range of 212 miles.

What's New For 2023

There are just two trims available now -- down from five last year. Both trims get revised front-end styling and an illuminated "Nissan" badge.

What's Good


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