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Eric's Autos: 2021 Fiat 500X

Eric Peters on

What's Good

It's a fun little thing that's also a practical little thing.

It does not have a continuously variable automatic transmission (common in this class, but some people dislike them).

It does have a much stronger standard engine than the engines available in rivals such as the CX-3, HR-V and even the much more expensive BMW Mini Countryman.

What's Not So Good

The standard turbocharged engine needs premium fuel to make its peak horsepower.


It's significantly more expensive than rivals such as the CX-3 and HR-V and can get as pricey as a Mini Countryman, too.

It's still a little thing.

Under the Hood

All 500X trims come standard with the same 1.3-liter engine -- which is the smallest four-cylinder engine there is in anything that's not a motorcycle . But it makes more power -- 177 horsepower and 210 foot-pounds of torque -- than the larger 2.0- and 1.8-liter fours that are standard in the Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V, which only make 148 horsepower and 148 foot-pounds of torque and 141 horsepower and 127 foot-pounds of torque, respectively.


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