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Dave's Garage: 2021 Buick Encore GX

Eric Peters on

It's an irony of history that Buick -- once upon a time known for its BarcaLounger big cars -- now sells one of the smallest cars you can buy.

With one of the smallest engines on four wheels -- just three cylinders and only 1.2 liters.

Many motorcycles have bigger engines.

But they don't have 50.2 cubic feet of cargo capacity -- enough to take a motorcycle along for the ride (if you take it apart), and the little Buick's back seat, as it turns out, has almost exactly as much legroom as one of the biggest Buicks ever, the 1970 Riviera.

Which was almost 4 feet longer overall than this Buick.

So, the size is still there.


Just not outside.

Or under the hood.

What It Is

The Encore GX is a small crossover SUV in the same class as models such as the Mazda CX30 and Honda HR-V.


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