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Eric's Autos: 2020 Chevy Impala

Eric Peters on

Mercedes doesn't sell an S-class sedan for a third of the price ... under a different label.

But General Motors Co. does more or less exactly that.

The Chevy Impala sedan is very closely related to the Cadillac XTS. Both are full-size sedans that share a common platform, the under-the-skin part of a car.

They both come standard with the same engine -- regardless of the badge. And the Chevy-badged version of this big sedan actually has more first row legroom, a slightly larger trunk -- and a much lower asking price.

Of course, you don't get everything that comes in the Cadillac at a Chevrolet price, such as all-wheel drive -- which is available in the XTS but not in the Impala.

But getting two-thirds of a Cadillac for a Chevy price is still a pretty good deal!


What It Is

The full-size Impala is the largest car GM sells.

It's slightly larger, actually, than the XTS -- which upends the GM tradition of Cadillacs cars being the largest cars GM sells.

The Impala is also much less expensive than its primary cross-shop, the not-quite-full-sized Toyota Avalon.


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