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UAW board removes secretary-treasurer from department roles over alleged violations

Kalea Hall and Breana Noble, The Detroit News on

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The United Auto Workers' International Executive Board has removed Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Mock from overseeing some departments for allegedly abusing her authority and violating union policies, according to a UAW caucus that supported Mock.

The United All Workers for Democracy Steering Committee, which endorsed Mock in the 2022 IEB election, issued a statement Wednesday explaining why the IEB voted to remove Mock from overseeing certain departments, including the union's Women’s Department and the Technical, Office, & Professional (TOP) Department.

A push to remove Mock from the departments occurred after a report by the UAW’s compliance director showed that Mock "repeatedly abused her authority and violated UAW policies," according to the UAWD.

Specifically, the UAWD claims Mock "withheld approval of routine expenditures in an attempted exchange for votes on the IEB" and didn't approve supplies purchased for the UAW's Stand-Up Strike against the automakers last fall. She allegedly also "improperly denied" reimbursement requests and would not approve "legitimate expenditures for ongoing organizing campaigns in a timely manner, risking the loss of NLRB elections and the waste of millions of dollars."

In a statement, Mock commended UAW members and her fellow IEB leaders for the record contracts at the Detroit Three last fall and defended actions she has taken in her role.

"It saddens me that many do not understand my responsibilities as UAW Secretary Treasurer," Mock said. "I must protect the sacred dues dollars that our members work so hard to earn and that they policies are established by the UAW International Executive Board, and/or by the Special Monitor ordered by the court to oversee the UAW, and/or by federal laws or federal agencies, it is my responsibility when these policies are adhered to. While it saddens me ever further that I get criticized, attacked, and retaliated against because I insist on the policies that are in place be adhered to, I will not waver in enforcing financial policies intended to protect our members sacred due dollars."


The International UAW declined to comment. Region 1 Director LaShawn English will lead the Women's Department. Region 1A Director Laura Dickerson will lead the TOP Department.

The measures against Mock come as the UAW aggressively is trying to organize non-union vehicle assembly and battery plants across the country in a $40 million campaign. Just this week the union said a majority of workers at Mercedes-Benz's largest plant in the United States have signed authorization cards for UAW representation.

Mock was a UAW Members United slate candidate, which was backed by the union's reform-focused UAWD caucus. She was one of several UAW Members United candidates, including UAW President Shawn Fain, to oust incumbents affiliated with the Reuther Administrative Caucus in the union's first-ever direct election of top officials following a years-long corruption scandal.

"Secretary-Treasurer Mock’s abuses of authority have directly undermined militant, forward-looking initiatives that the UAW membership voted for, such as building a strong Big 3 contract campaign," the UAWD wrote . "As a democratic caucus, Secretary-Treasurer Mock was endorsed by our membership along with other members of our slate, and we as leadership do not unilaterally make decisions about rescinding endorsements. Our caucus will decide democratically whether further action is necessary."

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