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Auto insurance costs Floridians more than nearly everywhere else in the US, study finds

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•More expensive auto repairs due to higher labor costs

•Higher level of vehicle-related crime, such as theft and vandalism

•Heavier traffic patterns

•Higher healthcare costs

•More aggressive driving

What to do


While drivers cannot change those cost factors on their own, they can keep their own costs as low as possible by avoiding “life events” that can lead to significant rate increases,’s study points out.

Allowing your credit score to decrease from “good” to “poor” can raise average auto insurance premiums in Florida by $2,715, the study shows.

Costs can also increase if you: get a speeding ticket (+$514); cause a car accident (+$1,046); let your insurance coverage lapse (+$448); get convicted of DUI (+$1,695), or put a teenage driver on your policy (+$3,043).

Beyond avoiding such events, experts suggest a number of ways motorists can try to reduce their premiums. If you drive less than the average vehicle owner, you might look into policies that allow you to pay by the mile. Those typically require allowing insurers to monitor your driving through smartphone apps that connect to your odometer to record miles driven.

Other savings are available by buying and paying online, paying for your term all at once, and purchasing in advance.

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