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Roadshow: You can subscribe to an electric Volkswagen Golf for just $11 a day

By Sean Szymkowski, Roadshow on

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Although car subscriptions haven't quickly become a new normal the way companies likely wanted, we continue to see some creative ways to provide transportation. The latest effort comes from AAA's car subscription program with help from Electrify America.

The two companies said earlier this month that a fleet of electric Volkswagen e-Golfs are now available in the Sacramento, California, area for $11 a day. The $11 daily price is a specific play to allow those with lower incomes to use a vehicle. The fact that the e-Golf is all electric is just a bonus.

AAA said Electrify America's support allows the company to provide the low-cost option, though it's actually part of the latter's commitment to spend $2 billion over a decade on various projects. Electrify America is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, created following the automaker's diesel emissions scandal, and projects like this are part of a mandate created as part of legal settlements in the dieselgate scandal. Most of the $2 billion continues to go toward new charging stations and EV infrastructure in the US.

Terms of the program are incredibly flexible, with plans for three months to a yearly subscription. Mileage regulations vary as well, with various possibilities depending on what sort of term the subscriber chooses. And like basically any other car subscription program, the rate includes insurance, maintenance, repairs and roadside assistance if needed.


Locals will find 55 of the electric hatchbacks in the area starting immediately. Hopefully you won't go falling in love with the e-Golf, though. VW discontinued the car last year as it prepares to introduce a new electric car in the U.S., the ID 4 SUV.

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