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Roadshow: Hyundai, Genesis to help customers laid off during pandemic

By Sean Szymkowski, Roadshow on

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Hyundai and Genesis will do their part and provide some reassurance to new car owners amid the coronavirus pandemic. Both brands announced they'll roll out an assurance job loss protection program designed to help owners who may feel the economic impacts of the coronavirus.

Both brands have announced that Hyundai and Genesis owners who made a new vehicle purchase or leased a vehicle starting March 14 will be eligible. Should car owners find themselves laid off, the companies will make up to six months' worth of payments to provide financial assistance. Hyundai's lending arm, Hyundai Capital, will also defer payments for 90 days at the customer's request. The assistance will be available to anyone who buys a new vehicle through April 30.

It's not the first time Hyundai has taken it upon itself to help customers. The job loss protection program actually rolled out over 10 years ago amid the financial crisis and recession that followed. Since then, the program has been on hiatus, but Hyundai said the company wanted to once again let owners know they'll have "one less thing to worry about if something unexpected happens to their employment status."


Any assistance amid these turbulent times will be reassuring to those affected. The outbreak of COVID-19 has quickly shifted social norms across the U.S. Major sport leagues postponed seasons or canceled tournaments, schools have shut down across the country, and many cities, counties and states have declared that all bars and restaurants must temporarily close.

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