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Auto review: Genesis begets the G70, a new smaller sporty sedan

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Cargo space is a pitiful 10.5 cubic feet, which is twice the space of a Miata. The average trunk is around 15 cubic feet, so it's pretty small.

Play some tunes: The stereo system follows the usual Hyundai template, which really works very well. Knobs control volume and tuning, and a horizontal row of buttons controls source and other changes.

Drivers must go to the touchscreen for most of the other functions, and it operates fairly well on all counts. It can be a hair insensitive to Mr. Driver's Seat's fingertips, especially in cold temperatures.

Sound is Kia average, which is not stellar but very good.

Night shift: The headlights do sit a hair low, but I found myself adjusting to them after a couple of days. The interior lights are a nice level of brightness without interfering with the road.

Fuel economy: I averaged about 23 mpg in the usual round of testing, heavy on highways and country roads. Feed the G70 whatever, which is a bonus for the performance level.

Where it's built: Ulsan, South Korea.


How it's built: Consumer Reports predicts a 5 out of 5 for reliability.

In the end: If you're too cool for full-size friends and their luggage, the G70 might be fun for you. Outside of that, though, it does offer a lot for the money.

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