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How much love was North Carolina ready to show Toyota? Take a look

Craig Jarvis, The Charlotte Observer on

Published in Automotive News

-- $25 million for a specialized training center.

-- $3 million for an apprenticeship program to teach new skills.

-- $100,000 for a "Japanese Saturday school" to instruct the children of Japanese managers in their native language for when they returned home. The Huntsville, Ala., Town Council approved $250,000 for the school.

-- $48 million in land conveyed at no cost from the North Carolina Railroad Corp., the megasite foundation and Randolph County.

-- $76 million for infrastructure from a special state fund aimed at the largest of projects.

-- $37 million in water and sewer improvements from the Golden Leaf Foundation and the city of Greensboro.

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-- $18 million for rail connection paid for by the state Department of Transportation and Norfolk Southern.

-- $79 million in road improvements from DOT.

-- $53 million in electric infrastructure.

-- $63 million in natural gas with 7 miles of pipeline extension and 6 1/2 miles of pipeline looping.


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