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Wings of glory: Honda Civic Type R outsoars Ford Focus RS

Robert Duffer and Doug George, Chicago Tribune on

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Some people might prefer the old-school feel of the RS, but for nearly $7,000 more (20 percent!), it felt like a swindle in the creature comforts department.

The RS, with its two damper settings and rib-hugging Recaro seats, was much stiffer on the highway in normal mode. This is not the car for the road trip. Adaptive damping in the Type R provided much more condition-appropriate ride feel. It's also wider and more spacious.

Doug, who is four inches taller at 6-foot-1, hated the seats in both. "These things would have masochists employing their safe word," he said.

Better pill: Type R


The Type R is new. The RS is old. 2018 will be the last model year of this RS iteration. It runs like it was meant to be bounced around at track and rally. These factors alone could be selling points for some enthusiasts.

To answer Doug's initial question, however, we both would take the Type R. If you'll be racing more than getting around, the RS is the pill for you. Otherwise, the Type R is the one.

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