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Worries about fate of NAFTA hit Detroit's Canadian neighbors

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As U.S. and Canadian trade officials worked last week toward a so-far elusive deal to update the North American Free Trade Agreement, Joe Graves was concerned about the auto plant where he's worked for 30 years.

Graves, the president of Unifor Local 88, which represents about 2,800 workers at the General Motors CAMI plant in Ingersoll, Ontario,...Read more

Trump says Ford can build Focus Active in US, but company says that makes no sense

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Auto analysts groaned in response to Twitter posts by President Donald Trump that touted his tariffs on Chinese imports and his claim that the trade war would inspire Ford Motor Co. to build its Ford Active crossover in the U.S. rather than overseas.

Wrong, Ford said.

The Dearborn, Mich.-based company issued a statement in response to the ...Read more

Under the Hood: Manufacturers shifting from timing belts to timing chains

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Q: When car shopping, do you think it is important to consider if a vehicle has a timing belt or timing chain? After seeing friends pay hefty charges for timing belt replacements, I wonder why timing chains are not more widely used.

-- Scott M.

A: There is a shift occurring where some manufacturers are going to chain drive for the camshaft/...Read more

Motormouth: Don't bleed the tires, even in the hottest temperatures

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Q: I will be driving in Utah, Nevada and the valleys of eastern California, where temperatures above 110 degrees are not uncommon. If I start the day at the recommended max tire pressure listed on the door placard, do I have anything to worry about, or should I bleed the tires, and how much? Also, a pretty good pressure gauge always gives a ...Read more

Semis, the last bastion of stick shifts, are going automated

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Bryan Berg drives a semi with a 13-speed transmission, and he's been double-clutching and shifting gears in his rig for 30 years. He's not about to start driving a truck that shifts automatically.

"I just think it would be weird," said Berg, who lives near Willmar, Minn., when he's not driving. "Most of the drivers I know, they all say ...Read more

Fiat Chrysler spending $30M on self-driving test facility

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is adding more muscle to its self-driving vehicle testing efforts.

The company will spend more than $30 million at a new testing and development facility at its Chelsea Proving Grounds west of Detroit. Testing begins this month at the facility, which will include a "dedicated autonomous highway-speed track, 35-acre ...Read more

Larry Printz: How the Kia Stinger changed the new Forte's development

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PITTSBURGH -- If you've noticed a newfound sophistication in the Kia Forte's design for 2019, that's no accident. The compact sedan, which is being built in Mexico and was designed in Europe, wasn't originally envisioned for the American market. How it ended up in the U.S. speaks to Kia's changing product direction.

Despite the popularity of ...Read more

Elon Musk smokes a blunt live on YouTube with podcaster Joe Rogan

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Elon Musk apparently smoked dope with comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan live on YouTube late Thursday night, then giggled about turning Mars into "a big Jamaica."

"I mean, it's legal, right?" Musk said, accepting a lit blunt from Rogan in the Los Angeles studio, where "The Joe Rogan Experience" is webcast live. Rogan told Musk ...Read more

Tesla doesn't release monthly sales figures, except when it kind of does

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Twelve times a year, every automaker releases monthly sales figures. Except General Motors and Tesla Inc., which post numbers four times a year: once per quarter.

That practice didn't stop Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk from tweeting a link to July and August sales estimates from the online publication Inside EVs.

The numbers...Read more

Auto review: Mercedes-Benz EQC: Electric crossover juices competition with Tesla, Jaguar

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Mercedes-Benz is the latest luxury automaker to debut its first all-electric vehicle in a bid both to recapture market share taken by Tesla and to be positioned for the new mobility era of automobiles.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is an all-electric compact crossover in all-wheel drive.

In addition to the Tesla Model X SUV, the market is about to be ...Read more

Tesla stock falls as Mercedes unveils an all-electric SUV and Goldman Sachs says 'sell'

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SAN FRANCISCO -- With everything else bearing down on Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. -- a production mess, cash crunch and Twitter-induced drama -- you can add looming competition in the luxury e-car market.

Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday unveiled the EQC, its first entry into the all-electric luxury vehicle market. It joins Jaguar's new I-Pace all-...Read more

Auto review: Perky and personable Kia crossover is short on exterior style but long on value

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The South Korean car company Kia took the "sport" in sport utility vehicle and turned it into "Sportage" -- a word that, as far as I can determine, represents no known thing in any known language.

In the Kia lineup, it represents a perky, personable crossover vehicle that is short on style but long on value.

Driven by a 2-liter, turbocharged ...Read more

Under the Hood: A primer on taking care of a new car

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Q. I am off to college with a shiny new car thanks to Mom. I want to take good care of it and anticipate what to budget for. Can you please tell me what I can expect? Maybe some ideas of how to take care of it? My dad isn't with us, so I could use some fatherly advice!

--Wendy T.

A. Congratulations on your new ride! Modern vehicles don't ...Read more

Apple buying Tesla? A 'poor idea,' says Warren Buffett

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When Warren Buffett talks, everybody listens. And one person who might want to listen closely is Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook.

During an interview with Fox Business Network on Friday, Buffett said that if there is something Apple should definitely not do, it is invest in Tesla. Buffett called the prospect of Apple investing in, or buying up ...Read more

Ford cancels plan to import Focus crossover from China, blames trade war

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DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. announced Friday it has pulled the plug on plans to import the Focus Active crossover from China because of costs from the escalating trade war.

"Given the negative financial impact of the new tariffs, we've decided to not import this vehicle from China," said Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford North America, told ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Here's what Ford needs to survive: Tech, trucks, SUVs and cars

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DETROIT -- Financial engineering won't get Ford through its looming crisis, real engineering will.

Moody's downgrade Wednesday of Ford bonds -- with a barely veiled hint of worse to come -- brought concern to a boil, but never forget the first law of automaking: No car company ever had a problem a hit vehicle couldn't fix.

Moving into its ...Read more

Auto review: Coupe, crossover or hatchback? 2018 BMW X2 blurs the lines

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The all-new 2018 BMW X2 rides like a sedan, sits low like a sedan, is a tad taller than a sedan and it has five doors. Sound like a hatchback? Not in these crossover-crazy times.

Of course, BMW, who trademarked the phrase Sports Activity Vehicle way back while automotive hacks were explaining the difference between crossovers and SUVs, is ...Read more

Ford's rating outlook downgraded by Moody's; investors concerned

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Ford Motor's rating outlook was downgraded from stable to negative, which does not harm the company's credit now but alerts Wall Street that the situation is dynamic.

The latest Moody's rating outlook indicates an increased chance of a Ford credit rating downgrade in the next 12 to 24 months, which would increase borrowing costs and further ...Read more

In dismissing a fraud claim against Tesla, a judge lets Musk be Musk

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Tesla's Elon Musk is infamous for bold forecasts that pan out late or don't pan out at all. But in dismissing a shareholder lawsuit Tuesday, a federal judge ruled they don't constitute fraud.

"Federal securities laws do not punish companies for failing to achieve their targets," Northern California U.S. District Court Judge ...Read more