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Auto review: 2019 Chevy Blazer is here — and nothing like what you remember

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SAN DIEGO -- The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer midsize SUV is poised to jump to the head of its class, thanks to great looks, a roomy and comfortable five-passenger interior and good performance.

If you remember the boring old Blazer and TrailBlazer midsize SUVs, forget them now. The 2019 Blazer doesn't share a nut or bolt with them. It's long, elegant...Read more

Here's how much California is spending to put electric cars on the road

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California policymakers are committed to making sure that electric vehicles -- and the charging stations and other infrastructure needs associated with them -- transform the state's transportation sector. But it won't come cheaply.

A review conducted by the San Diego Union-Tribune showed various state agencies have committed $2.46 billion in ...Read more

EPA Chief Says Agency, California 'Far Apart' on Car Emissions

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. and California officials agreed Monday on one thing about auto emissions standards: they're still miles from an agreement, with a crucial deadline just two months away.

In separate comments, Sacramento and Washington's top environmental regulators said they've yet to overcome a long-running impasse over the Trump ...Read more

GM confirms white-collar job cuts to happen over next two weeks

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DETROIT -- General Motors confirmed that on Monday it began butting some 4,000 salaried jobs, mostly in North America. A spokesman said the process will be concluded over the next two weeks.

GM leadership is communicating with employees on the timing and procedure of the job cuts, part of a restructuring intended to save $2.5 billion this year....Read more

GM expected to start cutting 4,000 white-collar workers Monday

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General Motors is expected to start its next round of white-collar job cuts Monday, but the carmaker apparently has fewer staff reductions left to make than has been anticipated.

In November, GM said it needed to reduce its North American white-collar workforce by about 8,000. About 2,250 salaried workers volunteered to take a buyout, leaving ...Read more

US sales of the Tesla Model 3 plunge 74 percent in January, according to outside estimate

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U.S. sales of the Tesla Model 3 plunged 74 percent in January compared with December, according to a consumer website, lending credence to rumors that sales of the vehicle have fallen off a cliff.

The California-based carmaker sold 6,500 Model 3s in the U.S. in January, compared with 25,250 the month before and 1,875 in January 2018, according ...Read more

Under the Hood: What is a 'turbo' engine, and why is it better?

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Q: I see advertisements for the joys and wisdom of driving a turbo-charged automobile.

How does the turbo differ from a "regular" auto? Why would one choose a turbo over some other engine? How do the purchase, operating and maintenance costs differ?

-- Doug

A: Great questions, Doug! Turbochargers boost engine power by around 25 percent on a ...Read more

UAW joins Canada autoworkers' call to boycott GM cars made in Mexico

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The UAW is joining Canada's autoworkers' union, Unifor, to apply pressure on General Motors to keep five plants in North America running.

The UAW is calling for consumers to buy GM cars only if they are assembled in the United States and Canada, and has released a 2 1/2-minute YouTube video as part of the UAW's #GMinvestinUS social media effort...Read more

Auto review: 3-row roundup: America's best-selling segment gets larger with new SUVs from Kia, Cadillac and BMW

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First, it was the wagon. Then the minivan. Now the three-row crossover is America's family hauler of choice. No news there. But what is noteworthy is that this three-row segment, which also includes full-size SUVs such as the Lincoln Navigator and Chevy Suburban, accounted for nearly one in every four new vehicle purchases in 2018.

And it's ...Read more

Larry Printz: How the winter cold is costing you money

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As those who endured the recent polar vortex can tell you, the cold and snow and ice made driving not only unpleasant but also dangerous. Beyond that, there's another reality some may have noticed: Winter weather makes it more costly to drive.

The U.S. Department of Energy says that a short drive across town when it's 20 degrees or colder ...Read more

Auto review: Nissan's 2019 Murano midsize crossover gets an exterior freshening, new features

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Nissan's five-passenger midsize Murano crossover returns for 2019 with a "freshened" exterior design and some new premium interior features, along with additional safety and driver-assistance technologies.

Styling tweaks include a new, bolder V-motion grille; restyled LED headlights (now standard) and LED taillights; and new 18- and 20-inch ...Read more

Big questions await Tesla and Musk on Wednesday's earnings call. Will stock analysts ask them?

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The heat on Elon Musk is approaching full boil.

Tesla is low on cash. A $920-million debt payment comes due in March. Demand for Tesla cars appears to be softening. Thousands of workers just got laid off.

On Wednesday, Tesla is set to release fourth-quarter and full-year earnings data. Musk warned last week to expect a lower fourth-quarter ...Read more

New car tariffs could miss their intended target

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The Trump administration is weighing whether to invoke national security to place tariffs on cars, even as questions linger about the effectiveness of similar tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Almost eight months after those steel and aluminum tariffs went into effect, the U.S. remains embroiled in a trade war with China, and some of ...Read more

Tips for cold, cold car care

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Cars, like people, don't function as well in cold weather. Your car doesn't like it anymore than you. Because most employers frown on hibernating, we've compiled a list of precautions to increase the odds of your car functioning in extreme or unseasonable cold.

-- Preventative:

If you don't have time to visit the mechanic, there are some ...Read more

Under the Hood: Driver unsettled by unexplained breaking

Automotive / Automotive News /

Q: I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna. It feels like it will put on the brakes when I least expect it. It is just for a second or two, but what a wake-up! I took it to the dealer, and they said no codes found. So online we go to find out, after hours of searching, that it might be the VSC or that it is most likely steering rack bushings, but I have ...Read more

Don't buy GM cars made in Mexico, Canadian autoworker union says

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Canada's autoworker union, Unifor, wants consumers to boycott buying any General Motors vehicles built in Mexico.

"If it starts with 3, it's not for me," said Unifor President Jerry Dias during a press conference Friday morning as his union continued its fight against GM's decision to close an Ontario assembly plant.

He said GM cars with a ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Bigger 2020 GMC Sierra HD pickup hits road — with 15 camera views for towing

Automotive / Automotive News /

"Bigger, smarter stronger" sounds like a marketing slogan, but it just might be an understatement in the case of the new 2020 GMC Sierra HD 2500 and 3500 pickups. I got an early look and towing demo recently. The trucks go on sale this summer

Sharing only the roof of its cab with the light-duty Sierra that went on sale in 2018, the new Sierra ...Read more

Larry Printz: An important Detroit auto show event you didn't know about

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DETROIT -- Earlier this month, more than 24 hours after the last press conference was held at the Detroit auto show in Cobo Hall, an underground event was taking place not far away at Saint Andrews Hall. First built in 1907, the hall is now a concert venue. Eminem played some of his early shows in the basement known as The Shelter, later using ...Read more

Auto review: 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid review: Is the Hybrid worth the extra money?

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Looking for the most fuel-efficient three-row crossover with all-wheel drive? Chances are you've zeroed in on the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Not much has changed for the 2019 Highlander Hybrid except the market. Automakers are rolling out more fuel-efficient crossovers by the day, it seems, with plug-in hybrids and full battery-electric vehicles ...Read more

Auto review: Honda's new CRF450L motorcycle straddles the road and dirt, but may struggle to find riders

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For years, dual-sport riders have dreamed of the perfect dual-sport motorcycle, the just-right Goldilocks bike that would be as capable in the dirt as it is on the street, and conquer the mountain trails and city traffic with equal ease.

Most offerings lean too heavily one way or the other. This light, nimble one is very good off-road but ...Read more

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