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Fiat to bring new electric 500e to North America in 2024

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Fiat this time wants North American customers to buy its 500e electric hatchback.

The Italian small car brand of Stellantis NV is bringing a new generation of the 500e to the continent starting in the first quarter of 2024, it said Thursday at the Los Angeles Auto Show, betting on the next chapter for Fiat here as consumers become more willing ...Read more


Volkswagen delays key EV project as Tesla challenge stumbles

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Volkswagen AG’s ambitious push to supplant Tesla Inc. as the global electric-vehicle leader is running into trouble.

Chief Executive Officer Oliver Blume plans to push back the key Trinity battery car project from 2026 toward the end of the decade because new software won’t be ready in time, according to a person familiar with the matter. ...Read more

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The wrong Americans are buying electric cars

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Keller Strother got his first Tesla, a Roadster, in 2011. He still has it, though his garage now includes two more Teslas and a vintage Porsche 911 that recently had its gas-burning guts swapped out for a battery and electric motors.

In a warming world, where roughly one quarter of Americans are keen to buy an electric vehicle, Strother has ...Read more

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Ford launches next-gen Ranger production at South Africa plant

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Ford Motor Co.'s Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria on Tuesday launched production of the next-generation of the Ranger pickup truck, becoming the third plant in the world to do so following a $1 billion investment in the Dearborn automaker's South Africa operations.

Underscoring Ranger's popularity around the world, Ford now has three ...Read more

Consumer Reports reliability survey: Lincoln the only Detroit 3 brand in top 10

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Ford Motor Co.'s Lincoln is the only Detroit brand to make of the top 10 in the latest Annual Auto Reliability data from Consumer Reports, the nonprofit research, testing and consumer advocacy organization.

The top five brands in this year's study, released Tuesday during an online press conference with the Automotive Press Association, are ...Read more


Car dealers accused of price-gouging customers who exercise option to buy leased vehicles

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As used car prices have skyrocketed in recent years, people who leased their vehicles before the pandemic are finding themselves in a unique situation:

At the end of their lease terms, their lease contracts give them the option to buy their cars. They are discovering that those buy-out prices are thousands of dollars cheaper than what they’d ...Read more

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Toyota to unveil new Prius as hybrids lose luster to battery EVs

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Toyota Motor Corp. is about to take the wraps off a revamped Prius, the latest iteration of a car that normalized the idea of owning an environmentally conscious vehicle more than two decades ago.

Leonardo de Caprio drove one. Owning a Prius was cool, even a status symbol, and the less-frequent and cheaper trips that owners made to the gas ...Read more

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Q&A: Jim Dukhovny, nightclub DJ turned tech CEO. His latest business – flying cars

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — When the lights lowered and thumping bass music filled a Silicon Valley event space this October, Jim Dukhovny was in his element. He is a former events promoter and musician dubbed “DjWizard” who is accustomed to hyping up rooms filled with revelers.

But he was not there to play techno, Dukhovny was there to sell the ...Read more

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Anticipating a rush to electric vehicles, Pa. orders a review of EV charging rates

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PHILADELPHIA — It seems as if every other car commercial these days is hawking an electric vehicle, and most major automakers have committed to aggressively switch production to EVs. But it’s still very early in the transition away from internal combustion engines: EVs made up less than 1% of the registered vehicles in Pennsylvania at the ...Read more

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Auto review: The 2023 BMW i7; an EV that beats its rivals from Mercedes-Benz and Tesla

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PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – BMW once advertised its vehicles using the tagline “the ultimate driving machine.” They no longer do, unfortunately. Is this a subtle admission that modern BMWs aren’t the ultimate driving machine? Hardly. As exhibit A, I offer you the 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60. Deconstructed, the “I” means it’s electrically ...Read more

Grasso's Garage: 3-wheel fun with Polaris Slingshot

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Welcome Polaris to Grasso’s Garage!

Known for their off-road excellence and long-lasting success in the powersports industry, Polaris wants a slice of the Grasso’s Garage open-air review pie.

In Grasso’s Garage this week, it’s the Polaris Slingshot Signature LE. Their top-of-the-line three wheel recreation vehicle certainly brings out ...Read more


Henry Payne: Revealed -- All-new, 2023 Honda Accord goes big on room, tech, hybrid power

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One of America's best-selling sedans for the past four decades, the Honda Accord is getting a major makeover for its 11th generation model.

Following the example of Honda's best-selling CR-V SUV now on sale, the 2023 Accord gets roomier, techier and offers two powertrains: a turbocharged 4-cylinder and a hybrid with a goal of 50% hybrid sales. ...Read more


Motormouth: Why did car clock fall back early?

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Q: On Saturday, Nov. 5, I had dropped off my sister and was heading home. I knew the trip was about 45 minutes so I looked at the time on my dash, which was 7:24 p.m. I calculated the time in my head and figured I should be home by 8:10 pm. About a block from home I looked at my dash again and the time was 9:07 pm. The clock had already adjusted...Read more

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New car and truck sales in California down 16.1% this year

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SAN DIEGO — Economic headwinds combined with lingering supply chain constraints have resulted in a sales dip of 16.1 percent in new car and trucks sales in California through the first three quarters of this year compared to the same period in 2021.

The California New Car Dealers Association estimates by the end of the year, sales will be off...Read more

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Ford urges broad interpretation of new EV tax credits

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WASHINGTON— Ford Motor Co. is asking the federal government to limit what it dubs a "foreign entity of concern" in order to expand the number of vehicles qualifying for a new, more stringent $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit.

The automaker was responding to a request from the U.S. Department of Treasury on how it should implement the ...Read more


#VanLife: Ford reveals new 2023 Transit Trail 'adventure van'

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If the lure of van life is calling you, Ford Motor Co. has an answer: the 2023 Transit Trail.

The automaker's commercial vehicle business, Ford Pro, on Thursday unveiled the off road-oriented vehicle it's marketing as an "adventure van," adding a new model to its popular Transit lineup in the U.S. The expansion of Ford's motorhome options with ...Read more

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Auto review: The Lordstown Endurance marches to the beat of a different hub motor

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Electric trucks these days are supercar wannabes. Go zero-60 mph in the GMC Hummer EV in three seconds! The Rivian R1T has neck-snapping torque! The Ford Lightning is quicker to 60 mph than a Ford Raptor! And so on.

The Lordstown Endurance pickup truck is different.

“How fast does the Endurance do 0-60 mph?” I asked ...Read more

Mercedes-Benz AG/TNS/TNS

Auto review: The 2023 EQE is the Goldilocks of Mercedes-Benz's EV line

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No matter what your opinion of Elon Musk, his dogged determination to position Tesla as the leading purveyor of electric vehicles (or EVs) has successfully catapulted the United States back to the top of the automotive world. It has not only awakened Detroit automakers to the road ahead, Tesla’s success – and eventual profitability – has ...Read more


Buy an EV now or later? The tax credit rules are about to change

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DETROIT — Consumers who can find an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid that qualifies for the $7,500 tax credit now may want to snap it up before the end of the year, experts say, while others wanting to purchase EVs that aren't eligible might be better off waiting until 2023.

Qualification requirements change in January following passage of ...Read more

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Grasso's Garage: Kia EV6-GT is one for the memory book

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Kia EV is here and wow, do they know how to keep the consumer coming back for more!

With its Aston Martin-like exterior, consumers can’t get enough of the EV offerings from Kia. As the mass market leader in sales and satisfaction in the past, Kia looks for more ways to get the job done.

In Grasso’s Garage this week, Kia does it again, this...Read more