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Will Trump's fuel standards freeze leave buyers in the cold?

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The Trump administration's recommendation to freeze mile-per-gallon standards for cars and light trucks after the 2020 model year could benefit consumers in the long run with increased choices of fuel-efficient vehicles at competitive pricing, experts said.

Or not.

While some experts say consumers will benefit, others warn that lower standards...Read more

Motormouth: Motormouth gets a lot of mileage on fuel filler door question

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Q: I get your enthusiasm for fuel filler doors on the left. There's just one snag: international trade. Even assuming every manufacturer had to put the fuel door on the driver's side, if you buy a car from a Japanese company (there are a few of those), the United Kingdom, Australia or India, those countries drive on the left. So, my Nissan 350Z ...Read more

Under the Hood: Car skylight opens on its own

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Q: On three occasions we came back to our 2012 Lincoln MKX and the skylight and windows were open. When we left the car everything was closed up tight. We were lucky the weather was good. We checked with our dealership and they said it happens a lot to this type of car. Is there away to avoid this problem? Two of these times we were away from ...Read more

GM to hire hackers to find bugs in car computers

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Highly computerized cars could mean consumers' data is vulnerable or the driver safety might be endangered if car companies aren't prepared to cut off any data breach or threat to cybersecurity at the pass.

General Motors is taking no chances. It's bringing in those exact people who might do the infiltration to help thwart it.

In the upcoming ...Read more

5 reasons you should care about Trump's fight against fuel economy

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration proposed freezing mile-per-gallon standards for U.S. cars and light trucks after the 2020 model year on Thursday. Here are five reasons you should care:

--First, the environment

Environmental groups and several states, led by California, had long been clamoring for tougher fuel standards as a way to cut ...Read more

Musk says Tesla will be self-funded, shunning Wall Street

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The most eye-popping moment in Tesla's earnings call with analysts Wednesday was not when Chief Executive Elon Musk apologized to the analysts he dissed on a previous call in May. It was not the fact that Tesla posted a $717-million loss for the quarter, or cut down on its cash burn.

The real surprise came when Musk and his ...Read more

Auto review: Is 2019 Hyundai Veloster among the last of the sporty compacts?

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The 2019 Hyundai Veloster's name evokes a fast, fierce and extinct little predator, a comparison that's becoming more and more apt.

In 2018, you're about as likely to stumble upon a new species of dinosaur as a new sporty compact coupe, the type of car the Veloster aims to embody.

Cars like that once roamed the roads, making a meal of slower, ...Read more

Trump's challenge of California's emissions rules could zap its electric car industry

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WASHINGTON -- California helped birth the nation's electric vehicle industry. It used its laws and market size to prompt automakers to make and sell electric vehicles. It encouraged Tesla and other innovators to build manufacturing plants.

Over the years, California spawned an entire industry devoted to EV batteries, charging stations and ...Read more

Former Trump economics exec hired to fight for GM in D.C.

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General Motors has hired former White House economics executive Everett Eissenstat to run GM's global public policy office as the threat of increased auto tariffs looms.

Eissenstat, 55, becomes GM's senior vice president of global public policy effective immediately. He will report to GM CEO Mary Barra.

In late June, GM filed a statement with ...Read more

Uber puts brakes on its self-driving trucks

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Ride-sharing giant Uber is winding down its self-driving truck technology business, better known as Otto, which Uber acquired in 2016 for $680 million.

Officially, Uber had previously retired the Otto name and folded that company's tech and workers into its Advanced Technologies Group, but the Otto moniker remained in the public consciousness. ...Read more

Will Elon Musk play nice during earnings call?

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The buzz around Tesla's second-quarter earnings announcement on Wednesday afternoon isn't over how many millions of dollars Tesla will have lost. It's whether Chief Executive Elon Musk will behave himself during his conference call with stock analysts.

During the first-quarter earnings call in May, he cut off questions from ...Read more

When you think Harley-Davidson, think electric scooters in India. At least that's the new plan

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Harley-Davidson Inc. on Monday unveiled a plan to expand motorcycle ridership and increase global sales with bikes that will be hardly recognizable as Harleys – among them electric scooters and small bikes destined for foreign markets.

The plan, perhaps the most aggressive in the company's 115-year history, is part of a broad effort to ...Read more

Safety claims in Trump's auto efficiency rollback draw skeptics

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The Trump administration intends to brand its rollback of Obama-era fuel economy requirements as a life saver, literally -- even labeling it the "Safer and Affordable Fuel Efficient Vehicles Rule."

But some auto safety experts already question the premise that U.S. traffic deaths are rising because new cars are getting more expensive.

"The ...Read more

Survey finds big gap in quality of sales approach at Tesla from store to store

Automotive / Automotive News /

One in four Tesla retail stores are among the best in the auto industry at treating prospective buyers with respect and turning them into paying customers, according to a market research firm.

But many other Tesla retail stores are the worst at doing those things -- in such numbers that Tesla stores as a whole scored at the bottom of 35 auto ...Read more

Under the Hood: How to buy a new car battery

Automotive / Automotive News /

Q. I think I may need a new battery soon. A friend rode with me and commented that my engine didn't crank over as fast as it should as we departed early one morning. Does this sound right? Can you give me some help on how to deal with this? I don't recall when it was replaced last; it was probably a long time back.

-- Cathy M.

A. Your friend ...Read more

Auto review: Stretched 2018 Lexus RX 350L SUV comes up short

Automotive / Automotive News /

The 2018 Lexus RX 350L six- or seven-passenger SUV is an uncharacteristically half-hearted effort from Toyota's normally buttoned-down luxury brand.

Lexus's sterling reputation rests on a savage attention to detail. The brand's slogan was once "the relentless pursuit of perfection," but the stretched, three-row version of the brand's best-...Read more

Swiss hospital treated Marchionne more than a year for 'serious illness'

Automotive / Automotive News /

A Swiss hospital said Thursday that it treated former Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne for a "serious illness" for more than a year before he died Wednesday at age 66.

University Hospital Zurich issued a statement Thursday amid "various rumors" about Marchionne's medical treatment.

"To prevent further speculation: Mr. Sergio Marchionne was ...Read more

U.S. automakers report lower profits, see pitfalls for rest of year

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DETROIT -- U.S. automakers are profitable, but they face a turbulent second half of 2018.

After second-quarter earnings reports Wednesday from all three domestic car companies, analysts and auto executives outlined mounting challenges in international markets, especially China, and the looming threat of President Donald Trump's proposed 25 ...Read more

How GM and Ford fight Silicon Valley, and each other, for intern talent

Automotive / Automotive News /

University of California, Berkeley student Ryan Cosner could be earning a hefty paycheck working at a trendy California technology company this summer, but he chose to come to Dearborn, Mich., for an internship at Ford Motor Co. instead.

Cosner, 21, is not interested in Silicon Valley despite his emphasis in studying mechanical engineering and ...Read more

Ford profit drops $1B amid sluggish China, Trump tariffs

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Ford said Wednesday it earned a profit of $1 billion during the second quarter, down nearly 50 percent from the same period a year ago amid sluggish sales in China, the effects of the Trump administration's tariffs and the costly disruption this spring of F-150 pickup production.

In North America, sales of F-Series pickups remain on a record-...Read more


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