The God Squad: Spiritual balancing with my friend M

Rabbi Marc Gellman, Tribune Content Agency on

What follows is very much a part of our study of Psalm 117 and its invitation to praise God.

Recently, my dear friend M, wrote to me a tale of woe about his life, as an act of spiritual balancing in which I ask people to spend exactly as much time telling me about their blessings as they do telling me about her burdens. I asked him to send me an equally long letter telling me what was still a blessing in his life. What he wrote has done more than inspire me. It has changed me. Now when I list my blessings in my morning prayers, I always include M and this unbelievable letter he wrote to me out of grief and love, pain and joy, sadness and gratitude. He gave me permission to reprint his letter. Thank you and God bless you, M, my beloved friend.

From M to Rabbi Marc Gellman:

Sorry. I had laundry to do. Thanks for pushing for this other note. Be well.

I am happy that I am alive because I know it is not one miracle but an endless array of them, laughably incalculable in their likelihood if their number were in single digits, preposterous because we know they are legion.

The car accident that didn’t kill me.


The job I didn’t deserve.

The love I walked away from.

The one I walked into.

The spots on her brain that weren’t real.


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