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Ask Amy: Disabled woman disturbs party guests

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

At last year’s party, somebody asked Siena if she had been vaccinated against polio as a child. She replied that her mother would not allow her to get the polio vaccine. She described it like this: “Even way back then, some people were crazy anti-vaxxers.”

Evidently, there are some (or at least one) anti-vaxxers in my son-in-law’s family; and Siena’s comment must have offended one or more of them.

Or perhaps they just don’t like being around people with disabilities.

We’re just fine not attending the party, but do you think I should have a discussion with my daughter about Siena’s “banishment,” or should I let it slide by to ensure peace with the in-laws?

Siena is convinced that we (I) should just let it go.

What do you think?


– Undecided

Dear Undecided: You could ask your daughter for further clarity regarding “Siena’s” banishment from her home for this event.

(It is possible that these in-laws who are anti-vaccinations are also too delicate, frightened, or offended to confront the consequential reality of a world without vaccination?)

Your daughter might not admit that one or more of her husband’s relatives are in the “crazy anti-vaxxers,” category, but I do think it would be helpful to try to discern how open your daughter is to having a relationship with your partner.


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