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Ask Amy: Parents worry about son’s SEAL plan

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My wife and I have a son who is 22 years old.

He will be graduating from an excellent college with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

He’s a smart and physically fit young man who has great potential.

He plans to join the Navy after he graduates, and his goal is to train to become a Navy SEAL.

He wants to “make a difference” in the world and is very gung-ho with defending/serving the United States.

Although his intentions are admirable, we are aware that becoming a Navy SEAL is extremely difficult and that the process pushes applicants beyond their physical limits.


He is, of course, aware of the rigors of SEAL training and is preparing himself for it.

We are extremely concerned about our son being sent into combat. If he is intent on joining the military, we think that he can better serve his country by going into an area where he can use his brain instead of his physical abilities.

We have talked to him about this, but he won’t really listen to us (because, of course, we are his parents).

How can we make him realize that there are alternatives to serving his country aside from trying to become a Navy SEAL?


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