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Ask Amy: Parents struggle to handle child’s school stress

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I picked up my husband's phone and found a private message to a woman he works with.

It started out “Hey, Beautiful.”

I looked up her profile on Facebook and under pictures she has posted of herself he was saying things like “absolutely gorgeous” and “beautiful.”

He had surgery and we both posted about the surgery on FB, but she messaged privately to ask him how it went.

I say she could have read it like everyone else and apparently she did because she left a heart emoji on his post.

He says this is all perfectly innocent and there is nothing wrong with it.


I say there is a lot wrong with it.

What do you say?

– Disgruntled Wife

Dear Disgruntled: I wonder how your husband would react if you were engaged in an analogous private communication with another man whom your husband had never met: “Hey, gorgeous!” “Hey, handsome!” “Hubba hubba…”


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