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Ask Amy: Parents struggle to handle child’s school stress

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My son is 8 years old and is very talkative and inquisitive. He asks lots of “why” questions that don't always coincide with the current conversation, but are about a previous topic.

His two reading teachers have said that he is disrespectful and does not participate enough in class.

We have talked about this – both with the teachers and with him.

He comes home with complete papers, does well on spelling tests and is above grade level on reading assessments.

What they say and what we see coming home doesn't make sense.

We have asked for examples of situations when he's disrespectful so we can talk to him about it, but the teachers become vague and won't give an example.


His other teachers say he is kind and helpful, while also being a bit too talkative, but they say he is on track and doing well.

We want to help solve the issue with his reading teachers, but can't seem to get straight answers.

He comes home crying sometimes because his reading teachers seem to react so negatively to him.

He's a good kid (an only child) and we don't feel he's disrespectful at home.


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