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Ask Amy: Mom is worried about friend who wants more

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am in my 40s and a single adoptive mother of two girls.

Many years ago, I met "Jeremy" on an internet dating site. While I wasn't romantically attracted to him, we became friends.

From our first meeting, Jeremy made it very clear that he wanted more than friendship from me.

I was honest in stating that I viewed him as a platonic friend and that it wouldn't go any further than that.

We have remained in touch over the course of 11 years (with the exception of a very brief marriage of his).

He has become a dear friend. We laugh and commiserate.


I'm open to dating if someone compatible were to come along, but my daughters come first. I like being single.

Jeremy continuously makes not-so-subtle hints that he would like us to be more than friends.

I've never led him on and have reiterated that we are friends.

We have some common interests, and we are both good people, but there are major differences, and frankly I'm not attracted to him.


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