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Ask Amy: A large loan outlasts the lender

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband “George” lent our friend “Steve” $60,000.

George died several months after the loan was made.

Steve then ran into some hard times.

He has repaid $30,000, with a commitment to repay the remaining amount.

It’s been two years now, with no mention of making a payment.

Steve is back on his feet and has been able to take several nice vacations. Any suggestions on how to nicely bring up the debt owed?


We have many mutual friends, so I haven’t/can’t discuss this with anyone.

I am on a fixed income and would appreciate the payment and would also like to keep the friendship.

– Lender

Dear Lender: Keeping the friendship is very much up to the person who owes you money. As it is, your friendship is compromised because you are both avoiding discussing the money he owes your husband’s estate.


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