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Ask Amy: Friends delay and are now losing cruising

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I was planning to go on a cruise with a good friend, due to leave next month.

I paid a $900 deposit to guarantee the cruise for both of us, nine months in advance.

It was understood that my friend and I would split the total cost of the cruise 50/50.

This includes the deposit and the remaining $2,000 that would be due, plus any other related costs.

Last month I discovered I had cancer. I need to begin a chemotherapy regime.

No cruise for me.


Since the dates were already reserved (thanks to the deposit), I asked my friend if she wanted to take another person and go on the cruise without me.

She said no, and that she only wanted to go with me.

I canceled the cruise, losing the $900 deposit (no travel insurance).

My friend had never paid me her half of the deposit because we were going to settle up on the total costs after the cruise had ended.


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