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Ask Amy: Ivy leaguer’s wife wants husband to fly the flag

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My husband has decided to write off the friendship due to what he considers her selfish behavior, and I think she needs to at least acknowledge her inconsideration of others and apologize.

How to handle this?

– Perplexed in Pennsylvania

Dear Perplexed: These latest strains of the Covid virus are spreading and so – as we enter another winter season, the responsible thing to do is to have tests on hand and to test yourself at the first sign of any symptoms, to notify others if you test positive, and to mask up when you’re sick or if you’ve been exposed to a known case of Covid.

However, you describe your friend as “the original perpetrator.” But maybe she was having an allergy attack.

Another person in your group (or another traveler) might have boarded this cruise with an unknown case of Covid, and spread it to others.

And yes, having been exposed to several known cases of Covid, this friend of yours absolutely should have tested and masked before hopping onto another cruise.

If you honestly believe that your friend will acknowledge her lack of consideration and apologize for your group getting Covid, then go ahead and ask her to do so.


However, given her behavior so far, I’d say your chances of receiving these considerations are very slim.

Dear Amy: You should have told “Teen With No Experience” that she is a gem. When the right man comes along, what a gift to him her virginity will be!

– Mary in Wisconsin

Dear Mary: A person’s virginity is NOT a gift to be offered to another person. The “gift” is to own your sexual choices, with joy.


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