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Ask Amy: Ivy leaguer’s wife wants husband to fly the flag

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Ivy Leaguer’s Wife: I’m sure that graduates of prestigious schools see this in a variety of ways.

I believe that choosing NOT to trumpet your privilege and prestige in an obvious way (even if the logo is discreet and the prestige is hard-won) is in the spirit of the original intent of some of these institutions: To take your education with you into the world, serving others before you serve yourself.

People who have pride don’t need to advertise it, even if the advertisement is discreet, tasteful, and flattering to a trim and muscular Ivy League body.

Your husband has explained his reasoning well and with humility.

You might take this as a positive example to extend to your own life.

Even though it might make a fun reality show (I would definitely watch), you probably deserve better than to identify mainly as an “Ivy Leaguer’s Wife.”


Dear Amy: On a recent small-cruise vacation with three other friends, one of the group commenced the trip with what she described as allergic congestion.

Within several days, another member of our group exhibited the same symptoms and was subsequently diagnosed with a rather uncomfortable case of Covid. He isolated until we disembarked.

The rest of our group eventually tested positive at the end of the cruise (with mostly mild cases), but the original perpetrator refused to test and went on to meet another tour group without masking.

The end of our vacation was somewhat ruined because we were unable to visit elderly friends that we had planned to see.


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