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Ask Amy: Siblings face dilemma over mother’s will

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My son’s fiance thinks it may be awkward in some way if she doesn't invite her to be in the wedding party.

I've tried to tell her that this is HER wedding, and she shouldn't feel obligated in any way to make this person part of the wedding party if that's not what she wants.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

– Mother of the Groom

Dear Mother of the Groom: You are correct. The bride and groom have the right and responsibility to plan and host their wedding according to their preferences.

And yet, weddings are the public celebration of the joining of two families. One way to integrate two families together peacefully is to be deliberately inclusive.

Perhaps this sister-in-law can be assigned a role in the wedding (other than bridesmaid).

Dear Amy: I’m a professional photo organizer, and clients come to us during difficult times including divorce, death, and dementia.

Many people want to destroy, delete, or distribute photos in these situations, but those things can’t be undone.


Even with difficult memories, we suggest gathering, scanning, and organizing photos so they can be preserved for current and future generations.

Recent memories might be painful, but future generations deserve to know their history, too.

– Adam

Dear Adam: Thank you for this great advice.


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