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Ask Amy: Nature lover seeks noise cancellation

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I live in Colorado and have young children at home, as well as a job where I am constantly bombarded by sound.

I frequent outdoor spaces seeking peace, solitude, and the quiet sounds of nature – for my mental health.

I am dismayed at the proliferation of Bluetooth speakers, large and small. They seem to be everywhere! Hiking trails, lakes, on boats and paddleboards, at the pool, while camping, even strapped to people while they are biking and skiing! Few seem concerned about the noise pollution they are inflicting on others around them.

Why do people seem not to notice or care that those around them may not wish to listen to their choice of music?

What happens if we get multiple, conflicting speakers at the same time?

I wish I could ask people to use headphones when they are alone, or at least turn down the sound so it is mostly heard by a group in a small vicinity, not everyone around them.


In the case of running or biking, they should only wear one ear bud and have the volume on low for their safety and those around them.

Is there a respectful way to ask people to either turn their music down or off so that those of us wishing for quiet can also share the space?

What do you think?

– Not Musically Inclined


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