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Ask Amy: Granddaughter’s life is too messy

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I love my granddaughter, but I don't know how much drama and negativity I can take.

Since I have lived alone for the past 20 years, I have gotten used to being alone. I enjoy my privacy.

I've told my daughter all of this, but she still doesn't want her daughter to move back home. She doesn't seem to care.

Am I wrong in wanting her to move out?

Please help me know how to handle this?

– Concerned Grandmother


Dear Concerned: You are not wrong to want your granddaughter to move out. It’s your house, your life – and her mess.

I think you should take a careful and dispassionate look at how this arrangement has benefitted your granddaughter.

Since living with you, she has quit college, quit her job, and is living in her own filth.

I’d say that it’s not going very well.


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